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For about a decade, the cross-pollination of creative and technology has given birth to new, hybrid types of craft; this evolution marks the inception of Creative Tech Tank (CTT).

CTT is aimed at those interested in creative innovation, where creative and technology meet.

As new technologies shape our lives, the way we create has shifted dramatically. It has brought about a new world order that shapes and redefines labour, production, thinking and — naturally — creative.

CTT’s mission is to represent the emerging trades that orbit around creative innovation and promote new ways to collaborate, engaging communities, planning events and furthering expertise.

The Creative Tech Tank is an independent think tank guided by four core ideals:

- A de-compartmentalization of fields and disciplines in favour of a broader, common territory for art and code. Creative innovation has reached far beyond digital communication and its conventional players, and can be found in a wide range of areas such as Startups, Makers, New Media Art, Labs.

Same practices, challenges, methods and visions.

- An unlimited open culture stage, derived from both worlds — creative and technology; the culture of coders, artists, but also of those roaming in between. Constantly keeping in mind the goal of gathering all creative communities together that today lack a more intimate dialogue.

- Unifying these emerging, dispersed trades into one collective, consistent voice, with a clear message. Their recognition depends on the structuring of sectors, education and offers. As such, the establishment of a prize will be the opportunity to showcase and reward the efforts of creative innovation. Residences, acceleration, mentoring, etc. will reward projects to take them further.

- Bringing a critical view on technology and its creative uses. An open vision on society and its mutations. No technological idealism but a conviction that one should definitely worry about human beings in the post-digital era.

Creative innovation has many faces and many players the Creative Tech Tank now offers to gather, to give them a status, a forum and means of action. If you recognize yourself in this initiative or if you’re just curious, join us! ( @createch_tank )

This is an opportunity to take part in a new community , to help the cause and carry out joint projects. This is also an opportunity to find a kind of thoughlessness, and some pieces of dream and desire.

This community will be federated around different events. Workshops and conferences will be organized with partners to accelerate the spread of knowledge. Talks will also be held to highlight the vision of the CTT at conferences, events, schools, … Not forgetting regular meetings between members of the CTT.